What does STEMconnector® do?

STEMconnector®, a Diversified Search company, is a consortium of companies, nonprofit associations and professional societies, STEM-related research & policy organizations, government entities, universities and academic institutions concerned with STEM education and the future of human capital in the United States. STEMconnector® is both a resource and a service, designed to link “all things STEM” through a comprehensive website and portfolio of products that connect national, state and local STEM entities. The STEMconnector® website contains profiles of STEM-related entities and details ‘Who is Doing What’ in STEM education throughout the world.


20% of U.S. jobs require significant STEM knowledge and skills


STEM jobs average salary is $85,570


United States ranks 28th in math literacy & 24th in science literacy


Proportion of underrepresented minorities in science and engineering needs to triple to match representation in the overall U.S.


over the next 10 years , the demand for scientists and engineers is expected to increase 4x the rate as other occupations

The Team

STEMconnector® cannot operate and do the amazing things we do without the help of each member of our team. Each member plays an integral part in our day to day operations, and without them, we would not be able to accomplish the number of things that we do.

Join Us

STEMconnector® is always looking for talented people looking to change the world, while working directly with the demand-side of the ecosystem. Find out more about jobs and internships at STEMconnector here.

The Way Forward

In an effort to close the gaps in STEM education and employment, it is imperative that we develop a more systematic approach. A multi-stakeholder model in which institutions of higher and technical education, the private sector, the nonprofit and government sectors work collaboratively on those issues is the most sustainable path to success. STEMconnector has been at the forefront in that regard by deploying a vanguard of initiatives & Councils designed to leverage the expertise of industry, nonprofits and government stakeholders. The key initiatives are: