Dr. Talmesha Richards Honored with a Global Diversity Leadership Award at The World HRD Congress

by Tommy Cornelis

The World HRD Congress celebrated its 25th Silver Jubilee in 2017 with this year’s theme “You, We Can.” The conference’s focus areas included strategic HRM, best practices in talent management and recruiting, diversity and building a sustainable leadership pipeline.

The Congress was an Executive Level Retreat in which international leaders examined evolving trends in HR management. Besides networking opportunities, the conference offered unique in-depth approaches to understanding important workplace issues that affect an organization’s viability in today’s fast-paced business environment.

The Congress consisted of numerous concurrent meetings over a four-day period including the The World Diversity and Inclusion Congress.

STEMconnector’s / Million Women Mentors’ own Chief Academic and Diversity Officer, Dr. Talmesha Richards, served as a panelist for the World Diversity and Inclusion Congress.  She served alongside:

  • Mellener Coelho, Global D&I Community Manager, AXA
  • Shachi Irde, Executive Director, Catalyst India WRC
  • Moderator – Monika Navandar – Global HR Leader – Enterprise Diversity & Inclusion, Johnson & Johnson

Some of the key items discussed were overcoming unconscious bias in the global workplace, and holding leadership accountable for the advancement of diverse talent.

The panelists underscored mentorship and sponsorship as key elements that accelerate the advancement of women leaders. Dr. Richards highlighted how the principles of mentorship and sponsorship are key pillars of the Million Women Mentors movement.

During the conference Dr. Talmesha Richards was also honored with the Global Diversity Leadership Award.  The conference organizers cited that the position that Dr. Richards occupies in the diversity fraternity is strategic and iconic. As a thinker and doer she is a role model and a believer in change.