Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need (Ed)

The Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need program at the Department of Education provides fellowships, through academic departments and programs of IHEs, to assist graduate students with excellent records who demonstrate financial need and plan to pursue the highest degree available in their course study at the institution in a field designated as an area of national need.

STEM Ed Initiatives: 

Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need Grants are awarded to programs and institutions to sustain and enhance the capacity for teaching and research in areas of national need. A project must provide fellowships in one or more of the following areas of national need: biology; chemistry; computer and information sciences; engineering; mathematics; nursing; physics; and educational assessment, evaluation and research. The areas of national need are published annually in the Federal Register. The amount of a grant to an academic department may not be less than $100,000 and may not be more than $750,000 in a fiscal year and in any fiscal year, no academic department may receive more than $750,000 as an aggregate total of new and continuing grants.

Please note both Nursing and Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Research Programs must meet certain criteria:

  • Nursing programs must focus on the preparation of nurse scholars at the Masters and PhD levels for educational leadership roles. Graduates will become teachers preparing students for careers in nursing, and will disseminate to the public new knowledge gained from disciplined inquiry related to nursing and nursing education. The Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) code for Nursing programs is 51.16.

  • Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Research programs must focus on preparing students at the Masters and PhD levels who will be trained in statistics and measurement theory to become psychometricians. These psychometrics programs focus on the principles and procedures for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating test and other mechanisms used to measure learning, evaluate student progress and assess the performance of specific teaching tools, strategies and curricula.The CIP code for Educational Assessment, Evaluation and Research programs is 13.06. Note: Educational Psychology (CIP code 13.08) does not qualify under this requirement..

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