Padmasree Warrior - CISCO

Senior Vice President Engineering, Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Padmasree Warrior helps define Cisco's technology strategy and works closely with the senior executive team and Board of Directors to drive innovation across the company. As an evangelist for what's possible, she pushes Cisco to stretch beyond its current capabilities, not just in technology, but also in its strategic partnerships and new business models. In her role as SVP Engineering, Warrior co-leads Cisco’s Engineering organization alongside SVP, Engineering, Pankaj Patel. Together, they set the vision and strategy for the organization, as well as lead a team of 22,000 engineers to execute on the group’s strategic priorities. Warrior focuses on core switching, collaboration, data center/virtualization and cloud computing, as well as architectures for business transformation.


Why do you believe STEM Education and Workforce are important to our nation?

Math & science education is foundational to innovation across many industries.  Having a strong STEM education and workforce focus will continue to drive competitive edge for the U.S. in creating new industries and driving growth in the industry.


What traits do senior leaders need to effectively support and advance STEM today?

  • Know the importance of STEM
  • Be advocates for STEM


What principles do you, as a leader; apply to your professional and personal life to advance the STEM cause?

I lead technology and engineering for a technology company, Cisco and Cisco STEM is my profession!  I speak at schools and universities to encourage students to pursue STEM education.  I also work to influence policy on STEM


What can we do to assure more women leaders in STEM?

  • Role models
  • Remove barriers for careers
  • Flexibility doe integrating family and work


Who is your STEM role model and why?

  • What is your concept of mentoring and sponsorship of others for STEM careers?
  • Coach – share experiences
  • Speak publicly to women in STEM fields


What about STEM gives you passion?

Curiosity is fundamental to many things in life.


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