Cengage Learning

Cengage Learning

Cengage is the education and technology company built for learners. We create learning experiences that build confidence and momentum toward the future students want. With a focus on technology, the company works to develop new ways to collaborate, inspire and improve learning through its digital platforms. Headquartered in Boston, MA with an office hub in San Francisco, Cengage Learning has 5,000 employees in nearly forty countries and company sales in more than 125 countries around the world.

Over the past four years, Cengage has transformed from a highly regarded textbook publisher into a leading edtech company with an innovative approach to the learner and the learning process. The company focuses on deeply understanding the needs of students – how they work and learn – to deliver personalized education experiences that engage and prime them for success.

As job growth in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) continues to outpace job growth in all other areas, equipping students with the skills and training they need to succeed in the job market is a top priority for Cengage Learning. MindTap, Cengage Learning’s flagship digital tool, is available for more than 650 courses spanning the STEM disciplines. The MindTap course experience integrates reading, homework, quizzing and multi-media assets into an engaging experience for the user. Most importantly for STEM careers, this flexible learning platform lets instructors bring in content and applications from any source to give students real world context to make their learning experience interesting and relevant. This flexibility in designing the learning path helps motivate and keep students on their STEM learning pathway.

Cengage Learning is proud to support the STEM ecosystem by empowering students with digital tools to advance the way they learn, creating innovative approaches to developmental education and cultivating an interest in STEM from a young age by bringing real world experiences into the classroom. As part of these efforts to transform the STEM classroom, Cengage Learning also has a strong understanding of students’ lives outside of the program and the positive influence of mentors, and a proud sponsor of Stemconnectors’ Million Women Mentors program. The long-term outcome of these efforts is a workforce that is not only well positioned to meet the demands of tomorrow’s job market, but also understands their role in shaping the careers of the next generation.