Mentored Pathways

Mentored Pathways, a non-profit program of World Mentor, provides students with the skills, experience, knowledge, and professional support they need to meet industry requirements for achieving career success. Over the past 23 years, Mentored Pathways has connected over 48,000 students and 200 schools with industry mentors from 22 countries. Through flexible, convenient, virtual communication, Mentored Pathways supports students to tackle real industry problems and create competitive career plans for their futures. Students are supported by industry professionals every step of the way to develop three critical career assets:

  • A portfolio of authentic work in the student’s chosen area of interest
  • A career and education plan that meets an industry standard
  • A professional network of industry experts, hiring managers, and alumni

Mentors and students enjoy one-to-one relationships that build powerfully as they communicate over the course of a year. To promote ease and flexibility, mentors and students communicate electronically twice each week at the times and places most convenient to them. Through authentic STEM work and career guidance, mentors work with students to ensure all student outcomes meet industry standards.