Innovate + Educate (I+E) is a key partner with STEMConnectorâ„¢.  It has created unique STEM State "Connector" Profiles for all 50 States and the District of Columbia.  According to Innovate + Educate, the STEM State Connector Profiles are important because "STEM Eduction and workforce activity penetrates into the states through the work of government, nonprofits and industry."  Understanding how organizations relate to one another is a missing link in getting access to "who" is doing the important work in STEM.  Thanks to I+E's State Connectors, Users of this Site can now find out how to connect, advance networking between themselves and others, and increase efficient networking between partners and programs.  


State Connectors enable users to analyze correlations between all of the components of local and regional STEM networks, and to CONNECT with them.  This should help with more effective alignment of funding, programmatic activities, cost-effective communication and tracking of data.  I+E's State STEM Connectors will continue to grow in scope.  They will capture a true "snapshot" in time of many underlying networks of organizations, schools and community organizations that are engaged in solving the challenges of STEM education.

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